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I am 75 years old and have had many pet cats. Up until the 1980s they were all indoor/outdoor kitties and unfortunately did not have long lives. Either they never came home or succumbed to neighborhood abuse like poisons or were hit by moving vehicles. Finally in the 1990s I learned the best way to give a long happy life to a cat was to protect them and keep them indoors. In fact, the local shelters would not even adopt them out if the new owner wouldn’t agree to that.

This is what I am all about now; the proud owner/mommy of 3 wonderful cats of various ages.

© Sally Bartlett
© Sally Bartlett


Romeo is a big 15 pound neutered male with gray and white tuxedo markings who is 12 years old;

Riff and flowers
© Sally Bartlett

Riff is 6 years old and almost as large a male as Romeo at 14 pounds and all gray with just a “locket” of white and another patch by his private area. Content with 2, I wasn’t looking to adopt another, but along came this tiny black abandoned kitten to my apartment complex last year, and after helping rescue her from a deep gully via ladder (that is another story) I brought her home where she joined me and the “boys.”


© Sally Bartlett

She is now a year old and half their size at 7 pounds and her name is Raven.

In the past I had a long-haired beauty named Butterfly that lived her entire 17 year life with me and was allowed to die peacefully of old age at home. I have some bittersweet memories of that process and don’t know if I recommend it.

I also have some controversial opinions on the pros and cons of declawing. I do not want to argue or receive hate mail from those who oppose it, but since I have lots of personal experience with the process and have 3 different variations of the procedure among my 3 felines at the moment, I feel I can blog about it intelligently and reasonably and discuss the options with any who want to listen.

My blog, “Cat Lady Sally” will hopefully be fun, informative, anecdotal and interesting. Hope you will enjoy it. I have been freelance writing for about 5 years in my retirement years, and have spent the last 2 as writer/editor/publisher on 2 news websites. I also have 1 novel, 1 non-fiction ebook and am included in an anthology of memoirs, all available for sale on